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11:11 Podcast

Jun 10, 2019

Rachel speaks with her teacher Anand Mehrotra of Sattva Radical Wisdom Podcast while in India to debunk the Westerns view on Tantra. Ideas of sex and tantric practices confused and explore the expansive potential and true meaning of tantra. Our fear of intimacy is on the table in this insightful episode. 

Anand Mehrotra is the youngest known spiritual master in the world to develop Himalayan Yoga tradition in it’s pure and raw form. Anand has dedicated his whole life too bring all the original teachings of the Himalayan Yogic tradition, and intendeds too in a unique and powerful way.

For the last fifteen years Anand has lead hundreds of diverse human beings; seekers, students, teachers, artists, to discover their deepest nature and to step into their freedom and aliveness.

His teachings comes from the Vedic tradition and merge with the pure Tantric roots as taught by the ancient masters in the deepest Himalayas where he was born and raised.

Originally from Rishikesh one of the most sacred towns in India, and now recognised as the birth place of Yoga, which calls thousands of pilgrims from all around India and spiritual seekers from many countries, he is a world citizen.