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11:11 Podcast

Jan 2, 2022

Rejoining us on the 11:11 podcast is the radiant Alana Fairchild who shares some tips and guidance for 2022. Let's be honest, we can all use this! From the 2022 Numerology, Goddesses, spiritual themes, even spiritual exhaustion - this episode has your year covered...

Alana is a rare teacher. As at 2020, since being first published in 2011, Alana has created over 20 oracle decks, 13 books and 27 albums of music and meditation. Her work is translated into 11 languages.

Alana embodies her free spirited, loving and empowering teachings, communicating from a place of authentic being and considerable experience, making esoteric wisdom accessible and relevant for modern humans. Alana has the spiritual juice to nourish your unique soul journey, setting her apart and imbuing her work with effectiveness and beauty.

Alana has channelled a unique divine feminine energy work modality called The Kuan Yin Transmission™ to connect with the Universal Divine Mother for healing the self, others and our planet. The modality incorporates voice, dance, meditation, working with a crystal and hands on healing to create spiritual blessings. She has also created a beautiful sacred ritual-based healing modality called Saraswati Healing™ which utilises her books, meditations, music and oracle decks, along with sacred practices encoded in spiritual templates, to facilitate the soul journey.