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11:11 Podcast

Sep 4, 2018

This episode is about high vibrational shapes, sacred geometry, yantras, and jewellery! Yes, how to adorn yourself with these divine creations. Annemarie Brown from The Sattva Collection shares her Sri Yantra wisdom with Rachel and Emma.

SRI YANTRA is the most powerful, and celebrated of all tantric yantras. It is a representation of cosmic creation. Sri Yantra is formed by a 3 step Bhupura, 3 radius circles (3 representing the trinity, cycles of time, states of consciousness) a circle of petaled lotus’s and 2 interlocking sets of triangles; 4 facing upward representing the male aspects and 5 facing downward representing the female aspect. In the center triangle, is the bindu, where Tripura Sundari resides and where the totality of existence emanates from. Where unity with the cosmos and where the merging is experienced between the masculine and feminine. At this point, all radiates outward. The nature of nature is to expand all the triangles represent this expansion but still maintain the quality of stillness. This body is ultimately the Sri Yantra.