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11:11 Podcast

Jul 7, 2019

Tune in for soul story time! This episode takes you on a journey of the Buddha...

Amanda Giacomini aka 10,000 Buddhas is an artist, yoga teacher and storyteller. Her 10,000 Buddhas project was inspired by a pilgrimage to the Ajanta caves in India where she saw a two thousand year old mural of a thousand Buddhas meditating together. This experience sparked an awakening, which led her on a mission to paint 10,000 Buddhas, spreading a message of kindness, compassion, and connection with her art. Over the course of a decade, Amanda reached and surpassed her goal, making 10,000 Buddhas a highly sought after, worldwide art project, including large scale public murals, fine art paintings, works on paper, and textiles. Her street art can be found across the United States from Washington DC, Miami, Palm Beach and Asheville, North Carolina to Seattle, San Diego, and Hollywood, CA. She has also painted murals in Panama, Costa Rica, Germany and Japan.

As a teacher, Amanda has taught yoga to tens of thousands of people all over the world; from prestigious art museums and yoga festivals, to The White House and the Forbidden City in China. She is the co-founder of Point Reyes Yoga, a studio she and her husband, MC YOGI, started in 2001. Amanda has been teaching yoga for 20 years, practicing for over 25 and meditating for 30. Her approach to teaching is gentle and wise, one of her greatest joys is sharing the healing benefits of yin yoga while interweaving mythic stories from the Buddhist and yoga traditions. Amanda lives in Northern California with her husband MC YOGI and continues to paint Buddhas.