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11:11 Podcast

Nov 6, 2018

So what does a Retrograde or a Saturn Return really mean? We find out from Vedic Astrologer Anandashree, Kari Field. This episode explores the sun, the moon, the stars, and educates us on the ancient practise of Astrology. The accuracy literally has Rachel and Emmas jaws on the floor. Pin pointing Rachel's pilgrimage to India, and Emmas choice to get married in the heart of a Venus Retrograde.

Kari Field (Anandashree) is a San Francisco based Vedic Astrologer and spiritual advisor. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies and many years of expertise in the field of Classical Hindustani Music. Kari has been studying and practicing astrology since 1990, and reading Tarot cards since her childhood.
In 1999 Kari began her study of music in Benares and Calcutta India. This is also when she began her journey into Vedic Astrology - Jyotish - the study of light